Tick Tock

A 1-3 series loss to Toronto has put me in a foul mood, partly because I’m pretty much writing the same thing over and over. I’m also feeling less enthusiastic about this team because it is starting to look like a lost cause. Hope and frustration are hand in hand right now as I look at the schedule through June. Starting on Tuesday, The Sox start a month plus where they face winning teams 17 time and sub-.500 teams 26 times. Seven of those 17 are against the Twins and Tigers which if they have any hope of moving up the division they have to play well against the teams above, but also these second division teams. If they have a good June against the mediocrity of MLB then there is still a bit of hope. Of course those other teams are looking at the Sox and thinking the same thing and nothing screams that this team is capable of going on a tear regardless of the opposition, hence the frustration.

Overall the starting pitching looked good in three of the four games, Danks only gave up two and lost, Buehrle went 8 innings and lost, Peavy pitched great and won and Floyd was just horrible. What is settling in is where the offense is going; basically Konerko is looking to have a good year; Jones and Rios are very pleasant surprises and the rest is a pile of stink. The other free agent gambles are not paying off, namely Mark Teahen and Omar Vizquel. In fact, Vizquel might as well be a statue on the end of the bench. The rest of the regular players are just awful. Pierzynski (.204 BA/.267 OBP/.301 SLG/ .668 OPS) Quentin (.194/.328/.388/.716), Beckham (.193/.305/.257/.582) and Rodriquez (.217/.245/.321/.566) are all in the lineup every day and there is no way you’re winning with half of your hitters below .220, simple as that. The season starts now and if it’s not turned around by July 2, it’s over.


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