2 out of 3 ain’t bad

Well that was exciting, even it was the expectation. Taking 2 of 3 from the Royals isn’t time for dancing in the streets, but hey the White Sox have been scuffling all season so jumping all over the Royals for two games is a welcome tonic. I was lucky enough to attend the first game with a great fellow Sox fan, JL. She was a little tamer on the food index than my regular partner and that was probably for the best. But as the weather warms up, will I be able to resist the siren’s call of the root beer float? My guess is no.

Jake Peavy finally looked like Jake Peavy, stomping off the mound as he shut down the Royals inning after inning. Yes, one can say, “it’s only the Royals” but the Royals are actually hitting pretty well at this point so, again, I’ll take it. It is nice to see the new guys really settling in, especially Andruw Jones. He was the big hero of game one, going 3 for 4 with 2 RBI. It was also nice to see Scott Podsednik. The crowd gave him a nice round of applause and he had a good series. Of course it mattered little which is a win-win for everyone.

Game 2 was not the best effort by the South Siders, but before people start freaking out to a loss the Royals, it should be noted that Gavin Floyd did not pitch well and really shouldn’t have been out there into the 7th inning. The bullpen has been a strength of the team all year, why not go a little earlier when you’re only trailing 2-1? Second guessing is easy, but twice this year it seems like Ozzie left his starter in just a little too long.

Game 3 was just a nice win. The second most consistent pitcher for the Sox, Freddie Garcia pitched very well and was able to get his first win. That is an unsettling sentence. Second to John Danks, Garcia has been the most reliable starter on the Sox. Is it good that Freddie has started well? Sure. Can the other pitchers return to career norms? That is what needs to happen or the rest of the year is going to be very long. Instead of Jones, who had another home run, Alex Rios was the new comer hero for this game. Of course, calling him a hero is probably a bit much. Bannister, the starting pitcher from KC was just terrible. He only managed three innings before he got pulled and by then the game was already over. Probably the best part of the game was that both of my kids wanted to stay up a little later and watch the game. They got to see Jones’ first inning home run and they both enjoy fireworks, especially on tv, where they aren’t so loud.

Toronto comes to town next for 4 games and I’m slightly optimistic. I’m hoping for a split. A 4-3 home stand isn’t exactly going to win the division, but it works for now.


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