Escape from New York

Another lovely 2-6 road trip for our AL nine, capped by a drubbing at the hands of the New York Yankee$. The White Sox looked ok in the first two games in the Bronx, at least being competitive in game one and winning game two, but were just completely lost on Sunday. What makes Sunday even more distressing is the continued slide of Mark Buehrle. After his first two games he has basically been pitching batting practice to opposing teams. What was nice to see was Javy Vazquez doing the same thing on Saturday. Javy just looked bad. Of course the Sox almost blew it, but did manage to come back and win that one.

Speaking of Javy, it reminded me of what I like about Ozzie. Admittedly, I wish he just shut up most of the time, especially when he is calling reporters fags or crying about he isn’t appreciated and should just quit his job. I do love when Ozzie is honest and forthright when asked about a former player and when he engages in a little gamesmanship. It was obvious that he got under Javy’s skin with the check on his glove and that his comments about Javy weren’t the banal, boring comments usually given about a former player. Ozzie also said Swisher was horseshit when he played for the Sox. Somehow I don’t see a lot of managers saying that and I like it.

Even so dropping two of three in New York along with losing two more in Texas and the candle on the season is flickering ever dimmer. Hopefully the Royals can bring a little confidence and at least two wins at home.


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