Sox Texas Two Misstep

I can’t say I had a lot of optimism going into this road trip, Texas and New York, respectively. The White Sox have not done well in recent years in either place, and so far the Sox are doing a fantastic job of meeting my expectations. The opener in Texas was a rather listless affair, with the White Sox dropping the game 4-2. Buehrle looked ok, he pitched 7 giving up 4, not great by any means but decent. The offense continued to struggle, especially the top of the order tandem of Pierre and Beckham. The best news to come out of Texas is that Juan Pierre was being taken out of the lead off spot and placed 9th. Speaking of Pierre, something that might interest him, but Joe Cowley did a great interview with Jermaine Dye who would be interested in coming back to the South Side. Of course JD is being a little stubborn on the whole thing. He still wants to play the outfield and he “won’t play for $1.5 million.” Look, I love JD but for the most part he isn’t reliable defensively anymore. Compared to the outfield the Sox are currently fielding though, he just might have a spot with Pierre being demoted to the bench. Unfortunately JD doesn’t seem to get that it is a buyers market for his services. Maybe he can get more than 1.5, but not much and definitely not more than a year. Hopefully Pierre gets the hint and starts to play better; or maybe he just has gone pear-shaped.

The second game was even more disappointing than the first simply because it was another Jake Peavy implosion. What was even more annoying was the reaction of the
Twitterverse to Peavy. After a horrible first inning in which Peavy gave up 5 runs, people started talking about how great he was, how good his stuff was etc. OK, sure, I guess. It’s kind of like me saying I have an awesome body, except for my enormous gut. Right now Peavy is the fat guy the gym who thinks just because he can lift a lot of weight he’s actually in shape. Memo to fat dude, you are not in shape and Jake you are not pitching well.

The final game was a win, yay; or as my dad would say, whoopee-shit. It was nice to see Gavin Floyd get the win, but as ChiSoxExaminer says, wins aren’t that important. He pitched pretty well, probably the best performance of the series. It’s also nice to see Konerko continue his strong form, finishing with more homer runs in April than any other White Sox ever. I don’t know if Paulie deserves a statue in The Cell, but I would love to be at Konerko appreciation day down the road.

Now, its off to New York and if memory serves I might have been at the last win in the Bronx. A 2-6 road trip isn’t going to get the job done.

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