Series 5: Cold Sox

Looking for some good news? Well I don’t have any. The Sox look like crap. According to channel 5 sports they are off to their worse start since 1997 which was an incredibly bad year and led to the great era of “The Kids Can Play!” So we have that working for us. The Tampa Bay Rays came to town this week and destroyed the local AL nine, exposing how far they have to go to even get to respectability, let alone to a contending team. There really isn’t a positive experience to point to at this juncture; defense, pitching, and offense looked absolutely terrible in these three games, well with the notable exception of John Danks.

Unfortunately for me, I had tickets to the Wednesday 12-0 pounding. Buehrle simply did not have it, on a number of plays the defense looked like they were dogging it and the offense mustered four hits, whoo. In an unprecedented move my friend AJD and I left before the end of the game. I don’t know if I can stress this enough, but AJD never leaves games early. Sure it was cold, but it was such a bad exhibition of baseball that staying was just a pointless endeavor. Peavy? Still not freaking, but… And I’ve crunched the numbers DH by committee is working! 13 for 62 for a .209 BA! Which is higher than three of the regular players and with a couple more hits, they could be over 5 regulars. Seattle comes calling bringing a rainy weekend with them. I’ll be there on Sunday after running a race. I’m hoping my good race will keep me positive while I sit through the game.


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