Hello Cleveland!

The little hope that came from the four game split in Toronto was quickly dashed by the lost weekend in Cleveland. In all three games, the White Sox bats were in hibernation, the defense was shoddy at best and the pitching was average at best and struggling at worst. Jake Peavy finally had a good outing, only to have Ozzie Guillen screw it up. Look, I know Peavy versus Cabrera shouldn’t cause concern, but the guy had reached 100 pitches for the first time all year, the bullpen has been lights out and you’re holding on to a slim lead. Sorry but that lost goes to Ozzie. So far this year, the new look White Sox haven’t looked new at all, but old. The idea that this team is built on speed, pitching and defense is becoming more laughable by the day. The supposed burner at the top of the lineup, Lord Helmet, looks like me at 33 years old. Just to let you know at 33 I was about 25 pounds over my current weight, rarely exercising, and just downright scary. I am glad to see Andruw Jones having a bit of a rebound this year, but it’s only been 12 games at this point, so I’m not sold. Even if Jones has a great year, thus far no one else is having even a career norm year (Konerko excluded). If the switch was to be from a masher type offense to a more balanced attack, it hasn’t materialized yet. The guys who are supposed to be setting the table aren’t getting on base.

On top of the offensive woes the defense is approaching comedic levels. Thus far these guys have looked BAD. The outfield has no arm strength to speak of and if it were 5 (maybe 10) years ago we could talk about their improved range. Pierre isn’t only slow on the basepaths but in the field as well; Jones and Rios are ok in center and Quentin in right makes everyone long for the days of Jermaine Dye. I think I’ve already lamented the infield, but not much has changed, though Gordon Beckham is much more solid at second than I thought he would be at this point.

So the Sox are home to face the Rays and the Mariners. I’ve tickets to two of the games and nothing beats a night out to the old ballpark, but am I simply going for the food and company at this point? Kind of depressing that the season is already starting to smell like three day old fish.


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