Series 3: A Split Open and Melt

The White made their way to Toronto for their annual trip, and if I’m not mistaken they won’t be back until 2011. Every once in a while they have two visits to non-division teams, but that is fairly rare. Anyway the Rogers Center has been one of the worst places for the Sox to play over the last few years, not having won there since 2007 and not winning the series in Toronto since 2005. So let’s just say my expectations were fairly muted. Coming away with two wins definitely is a step in the right direction, though I wish they just looked better in general win or lose. What is a little disconcerting is the performance of Jake Peavy, though I’m not about to start saying crap like talk radio. Comments along the lines of, “has Peavy lost it?” are so premature it borders on dysfunction. Freddy Garcia not looking so good actually doesn’t make me all that concerned either. Freddy is going to be like this all year, probably two bad games for every good game. Expecting more from him is just living in a dream world. The biggest surprise coming from these games is the bullpen, leading the league in ERA and strikeouts, not too bad as a unit. Before I start thinking all id great in White Sox land, however, I recall 2007 when the bullpen had an absolutely fabulous first 6 weeks to the season. Kenny’s declared strategy of picking up guys who could throw hard and be taught how to pitch looked like it was a stroke of genius. After those first 6 weeks, the bullpen crumbled allowing more runs past the 6th inning than any other team in the American League if memory serves. I’m pretty sure they also gave up the most leads as a unit that year. April success is nice, but I’m not ready to buy that JJ Putz jersey. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I want to put Putz on my back, ever. Enough people think I’m a dick already, no reason to spell it out for them.

The offense showed some signs of life, an 11-1 result will do that, but getting 1 hit kind of brings it all back to square one, no pun intended. I don’t have the energy to look up DH by committee but Andruw Jones is having a nice little road trip thus far and I’m pretty sure he’s DH’d a least once, maybe Ozzie will let one guy have the job and really get into the role. On to Cleveland and the need for some division wins.

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