Series Two: Not much better

When is a loss as good as a win? Never, and anyone who tells you different is a moron. The Sox lost two of three this weekend to wrap up the opening week, going 2-6. Also in the debit column, both series were losses to division rivals, one of which is the favorite to win the division and the nemesis of the Sox for the better part of the past fifteen years. Finally, I could pick over the lack of offense that the White Sox have exhibited thus far, but what’s the point. I would like to mention one thing however, The White Sox are still scoring the majority of their runs from home runs, in a home run hitters park no less, and the DH by committee has as many hits as Jim Thome does all by himself in Minnesota (that total would be 5 for those of us counting.) Oh, I suppose a shout out to Mark Teahen and his quest for an O for April should be mentioned too. Add all of these offensive woes to some pretty craptacular defense (yes, Alexei I’m talking about you) and things are not exactly look great. Yes, I know long season.

Which leads me to the positives from an otherwise bad weekend. First, the starting pitching has just been great, especially Freddie Garcia. If Freddy can throw even half as well as he did on Saturday as a 5th starter, the Sox are going to be ok. Also, Buehrle didn’t look as sharp as he did in the opener, but he still pitched well enough to keep the game close and gave the bullpen more rest after the back to back extra inning losses. Speaking of which, an extra inning loss, a 2-1 loss and win will not win a division, but if those are the results from the first week of the season, I’m still feeling pretty good about the year as a whole. The panic button is still in it’s opening day position of Memorial Day, but if the bats come alive and the pitching stays hot, there will be no panic until July 4. What’s that? The Sox are in Toronto? So much for a winning streak…

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