Opening day and off we go!

Just a few observations from the first series of the season. First, the more people that come to the ballpark, the greater amount of idiots are there. Me and the boy were at the sell out opening day for the White Sox and I made him wait for three innings before we went to the kids area. In that time, the second inning as a matter of fact, a guy two rows behind us, threw up in glorious fashion; the seats behind him, the seats in front of him and of course the floor were splattered. He then proceeded to pass out, unable to be roused by his friends who didn’t want security to get involved. Security arrived and it took them a half inning to get him up and moving down the stairs. At this point the boy asked, “what is wrong with him?” Oh the life lessons of the ball park, at least I didn’t have to explain this to him. The other observation I made about the White Sox crowd is a bit of a disturbing trend. It is no mystery that many of the people from the South Side of Chicago and its southern suburbs are of Irish descent. However when did being Irish give people license to be assholes? The amount of people with Sox Side Irish, and Irish colored Sox hats who were acting like it was the first time they tasted beer. Finally, at least on the negative side, this goes out to my fellow dads out there: Do NOT coach your kid like the Great Santini at a place called FUNdamentals. Not only are you insuring your kid will hate baseball, you look like a complete douche.

Even though these were some of the more annoying episode of our opening day, overall it was a great day. Me, my son, sunny skies and Mark Buerhle on the mound it doesn’t get any better. We ate poorly, cheered loudly and slept soundly later that night. If you get the chance, take a kid to a baseball game and try and see it through their eyes, just a great experience.

As far as the games and players from the opening series, not a lot of surprises. The White Sox starting pitching is strong, granted Peavy was a little shaky, but I think he was a little geeked up and some of his stuff was just nasty. The relief pitching is OK and could be disastrous especially if Bobby Jenks doesn’t get it together. He has just looked bad so far. I know 2 appearances, but he didn’t look too hot in spring training either. What is really looking bad is the offense. Juan Pierre hasn’t impressed at all with the bat or legs; Teahen has yet to get a hit and isn’t that good at 3rd base; and for all the talk of “new look” offense, it looks awfully similar to last year’s offense, which was the third worst in the major leagues. I also don’t understand the philosophy of taking the bat out of Gordon Beckham’s hands. Yes, he is the #2 hitter, but making him bunt just seems silly, especially when the people on base, mostly Pierre, are supposedly a threat to steal or at least quick enough to execute an effective hit and run. Also DH by committee has resulted in 2 hits, not exactly making Ozzie ball look good.

We will get to see a lot of the Indians, so not much to say at this point, but Asdrubal Cabrerra is worth the price of admission, just a great short stop. Grady Sizemore had a strong final game and Choo looks good. After that, the Tribe is definitely a wait and see option. Their pitching looked great, but the Sox offense had a lot more to do with that than any eye popping stuff from the Indians pitchers. Next up an already hot Twins team, oh boy.


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