Quick praise for Three Little Pigs and Kids in General

I’ve been on quite a roll lately as far as going to theatre productions of late and this week kept it going. This time around was a little different in that I attended a children’s theatre. I was lucky enough to go on a field trip with a kindergarten class to see the Emerald City Theatre’s production of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Simply put, it was awesome. I’ll be the first to admit that my view is a bit tainted because of a couple of reasons. The performances were very strong. A special appreciation goes to all actors who perform for children. The energy and concentration needed to perform in front of young audiences is incredible and watching actors put forth that kind of effort is wonderful. Of course being part of a field trip crowd means the audience has even more children than a usual performance. Instead of one or two adults per child (give or take) it was about one adult for every ten kids. The house was dominated by kids and it was palpable. They were wired for sound from the minute they got off the bus; every joke was hilarious; every roar was extremely frightening and every call for audience participation was met with a resounding squeal. If there is a better way to see a children’s play, I haven’t come across it yet.

Overall the play was a fun send up of the traditional 3 Little Pigs tale with a healthy dose of education thrown in. The point of the lesson was to figure out the details of the story from three different eyewitness accounts. The audience was expected to answer the journalism questions (Who? What? Where? When? Why? And How?) and from there figure out who told the most accurate story. Your performance may vary so I won’t tell you how ours ended. So, if you have kids and live in Chicago check out The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by the Emerald City Theatre Company. It’s a great time and that ain’t applesauce. (go see the play and you’ll get it!)


2 thoughts on “Quick praise for Three Little Pigs and Kids in General”

  1. Hey! Somebody sent me this link on Three Pigs – I’m the playwright who adapted the book for Emerald City and it was great to read an adult perspective on the piece!

    But more importantly – thank you for giving a shout-out to the actors who brave theatre for kids and the fact that you have to work HARD for that sort of audience. I don’t think many people understand how challenging this type of theatre is – and the folks who can pull it off deserve the recognition!

    1. Alyn-

      First, very cool that the playwright saw this, wow! Second, you’re welcome and it was my (and my son’s) pleasure.

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