So Haiti, we’re good right?

I was going to entitle this, “Fuck Haiti” but that could be read the wrong way, especially if seen through a quick Google search. Either way, Haiti is being pushed out of the news and further and further out of our collective minds. Part of that is just the natural process of news. That is the root of the word, after all. So as I watch the local news, no mention of Haiti and sports and weather is next. However, it’s more than that, especially considering Chile and the horrible earthquake that they experienced. How do I divide my concern, and probably more important my money, between the two? Some may make the argument that since Haiti is poorer, more money should go there. But who am I to decide who is suffering more? I gave to the Red Cross, and ever since some charitable dust up they make it clear that they take the money and allot it as best as they can.

It’s that concern that is still bugging me. Aren’t all people suffering worthy of my time and investigation, my news? And then, what about the problems here? That is a whole other level that came up because my in-laws just got back from Slidell, LA. Slidell is a part of the New Orleans that didn’t get saved by the Saints winning the Super Bowl. Since Katrina, my in-laws have gone to Slidell to help rebuild houses. It is especially pressing in Slidell because the population of the town has doubled since Katrina. The term housing crisis has a much different meaning in Slidell than in the rest of the nation. So, should I focus on a natural disaster from 4 years ago, 4 weeks ago, or 4 days ago? I can’t pretend to have a good answer, except maybe pray.

edit: egad, I got we’re wrong in the title. Proof that blogging late at night is not the way to go.

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