True Confessions

Went to the movies tonight with my lovely spouse and had a great time. Dates are always a good thing and with kids, harder to come by than you could possibly imagine. The movie was Up in the Air, starring George Clooney and a couple of actresses who were great, but I don’t have the energy to look them up on IMDB right now. Short review, it was fantastic. That’s not what I’m writing about, however. Nope, in the middle of the movie as I was watching it unfold, I realized that I could never write a movie this good. I know, sitting here at age 40 and realizing I couldn’t write a movie sounds ridiculous. However, I’ve thought a long time about writing some kind of screenplay/play/tv show, I’ve just never really done it. As a matter of fact, my prose writing has amounted to about five short stories, a really bad play written in the 7th grade, a couple of horrendous poems and more starts and stops than an expressway at rush hour. When it comes to writing, I’m not what you would call a closer. Watching Up in the Air made me realize that I could never write something like that but instead of making me feel down, I kind of feel energized. I sort of found my voice as it were. I may like pithy, smart movies about relationships, coming to grips with mortality and the benefits and consequences of isolation, but I just can’t write about it. I can, however, write about other stuff. So to the dozen or so folks reading out there, I’m going to make a promise, kind of like letting you in on my physical goals. I’m going to finish my dissertation and here’s the kicker: And I’m going to finish something else. I don’t know what just yet, but there are about 3 things hanging over my head that the longer I let hang, the sooner they will rot. On that note, I hope to put together a few more blog posts. I’ve come to realize that writing leads to more writing and that has always been a good thing in my life. Oh, I can’t tell you my thoughts on writing other stuff, I’m still too much of a coward to go that far, give me time, I’m only 40 after all.

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