Up and to the Left.

Looking back at 2009, it was a good year around here at the house of kaufmak. I’m very pleased with the amount of blogging I did this past year and looking at the really important things, kids, job, friends and the like, I don’t have much of a right to complain. My baseball team was ok, pretty much the definition of ok, 79-83 and were competitive until the east coast trip from hell. Even so, when a team starts Jerry Owens as its center fielder to begin the season, staying in contention until mid-August ain’t so bad. My soccer team was disappointing, but it’s been fun to watch with the start of 09/10, so not bad. I got into running races, which was a lot of fun and the return of Phish was as satisfying as I thought it would be. Reflecting on the past year wouldn’t be complete without some disappointment. The biggest disappointment is the fact that I’m not finished with my dissertation. Looking through my goal lists from the last few years finishing my dissertation has been listed every year but not finishing in 2009 feels like the limit. I’m disappointed not just in failing to finish, but in the lack of progress I made this past year. Which results in the MAJOR goal of 2010: finish the dissertation. I’ve known what it’s going to take to finish for some time, but now I have to do it. I can’t help but think of US Grant taking over the Army of the Potomac and basically throwing the troops into a meat grinder until it was over.* That’s what I have to do, grind it out with no let up until it’s done.

*I don’t think I could be any geekier except to add that I also watch the episode of Band of Brothers where Lt. Winters is yelling at his troops to keep moving, you know instead of getting blown up.

The other great disappointment of 2009 is my weight. Sigh. I wanted to get down to pre-hernia surgery weight, 170. No luck, my low water mark was 177. That isn’t exactly getting close. So the next MAJOR goal of 2010 is, again 170. I’m excited to run some new races, longer races so I hope that can push me over, or under, the edge. I’ve got other things to do this year, but the focus has to be on the Majors, like Tiger without the bimbos. That’s the great thing about the New Year, new goals.

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