More odds and ends

I have something quite long in the hopper but I had a few things on my mind as well, and it’s been quite a while since I posted here. More of an explanation when I post the longer stuff. First, I’m wondering if other people root for the actors from their favorite canceled shows. After watching the Monk series finale, I thought that most of the cast of that show falls into that category of actors I hope do well. Other shows that I feel that same attachment to are Firefly, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Band of Brothers and Eli Stone. Also I’m always happy to see Patrick McGoohan do well. Do other people do this? I guess it’s an extension of rooting for an athlete that leaves your team. The most recent example of that phenomenon for me anyway is Jim Thome. He just seems like such a class guy that I hope he gets his 600 home runs, retires and gets into the Hall of Fame.

Speaking of athletes, I’m amazed at how fast everything is spiraling out of control for Tiger Woods and how fast I lost interest. A superstar athlete cheating on his wife? Really? Wow, that’s never happened before. The question I have for Tiger and many of his contemporaries is why do you always go after cocktail waitresses and strippers? Hell in Tiger’s case a Perkin’s waitress. Don’t you run in better circles than that or is it just a matter of proving your manhood and power by having sex whenever you want? I just don’t get it, especially when the costs, monetary and otherwise, are so incredibly high.

I just got finished following the Kenny Williams news conference from the baseball winter meetings and I wish I could be more excited, but I can’t. It doesn’t seem like there is a lot in the offing for the White Sox. I’m pretty confident that no big free agent is coming this way and after the Peavy trade, I can’t fathom that a team would really want much from the Sox farm system as it stands right now. I appreciate that Kenny has signed a number of Sox to extensions over the years, but it would be nice just once if he signed a big free agent who can have an immediate impact on the club. I’m not banking on it, but it would be nice.

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