odds and ends

A post I meant to put up after the world series, but better late than never.

First and foremost, congratulations the New York Yankees for winning the World Series. For the first time in a long time I was genuinely interested in the Series, even if I didn’t have a horse in the race or able to watch a lot of the games. Enter Twitter. Tweeting, while watching or not was a great way to experience the games. It was almost like chatting, but with a much bigger and well-known bunch of reporters. It’s a shame that more reporters don’t get involved like this because this is the future. If the media is the link between the fan and the players and they have greater insight than the rest of us, then they need to get on the stick. Waiting for the morning paper to share one’s pithy comments or insights about the game is about 12 hours too late. Also if reporters continue to have better access to the players and executives, and I hope that they do, then again the rest of the industry needs to get on board with the new technology.

Speaking of the Yankees and the World Series, it’s nice to have the big, bad Yankees back. There is just something sweet about having that team that most of us just don’t like, the big bully on the block that we root against that gives us all something to envy and rail against at the same time. I wish it would get a little nastier to tell the truth. I’m thinking of when asked what his goals were as the new Manchester United manager were, Sir Alex Ferguson responded, “to knock Liverpool off their fucking perch.” It has been game on ever since. And incidentally, Sir Alex has almost done it, one more championship and Manchester United takes Liverpool’s place as the winningest team in English history. Along the way, we all hate MU, as it should be, fucking bastards.

I also know that there are those who will whine and moan about the amount of money that the Yankees spent, but I don’t want to see a salary cap any time soon. While it might provide a more level playing field, it also means that every team becomes more or less the same. Sure a team might put together a decent run, but in the end it can ultimately be interchanged with another team. And what fun is that? Also, this is a rich person’s business, if an owner feels that the cost is too high, and then get out. Going back to European soccer for a second, and looking at market size how in God’s name does Manchester United compete with the big London clubs? Or how does Barcelona compete with Real Madrid? (and the rest of Europe for that matter, year in and year out) The answer is better run businesses. I know the comparison isn’t perfect, but if a shithole like Manchester can become a world power in the most popular game in the world, then why can’t the same be done here for a city of roughly the same size of Manchester? (City proper, 500K, entire region 2.5-3M) There are some fixes that would help baseball, but seeing how attendance rose the entire decade, profits as well, it’s not like it is in dire shape.


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