Still Don’t Get It

I don’t agree with John Kass on much, love of the White Sox, Soccer and that’s about it. He recently wrote about the Roman Polanski case (kind of getting to it a little late JK) and I’m with him on this issue. I’ve tumbled it around a number of ways and the answer still comes up scumbag. A forty-four year old man can not have sex with a thirteen year old girl, let alone drug her and rape her. It is not acceptable, anytime anywhere. The reasoning and rationale I’ve seen in support of Polanski is at best naïve at worst absurd. That’s where I’m having trouble. People whose work I enjoy and admire are lining up to support this guy. I’m not to the point of say I would never watch any of their movies anymore, but is it wrong of me to have a little less respect for them? The main people falling into this category are Martin Scorsese and Harrison Ford. Seriously, guys, how can you support this guy in any forum? As far as Woody Allen goes, not exactly the guy I’d want leading the crusade to free me if I were Roman. Also, I must admit ever since Allen’s escapades came to light, I haven’t watched one of his films. I just can’t get by the fact that he is a dirty old man. Looking over the petition that is being circulated, basically it states that because Polanski was going to a film festival to honor his work, he should be exempt from arrest and extradition. Um, why exactly? Because he is a film maker, albeit a great one? What am I missing here? He pled guilty, then fled the country. The petition insinuates that this is a great breach of Polanski’s rights and restriction of international freedoms. Again, what am I not getting? He is a fugitive from the legal system, an admitted felon. Doesn’t that cancel out the freedom and rights? Again the petition says that this will affect the international festival community. How exactly? How does his extradition “open the way for actions of which no-one can know the effects?” Are filmmakers that worried about their past actions that they need to be protected from all laws when traveling abroad? I still don’t get it.

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