Comments and Crow

First a good article about a video game here Sure you say the author is raising not only the game, but the entire medium too high, but it is nice to read someone who is passionate about their chosen industry and really gives it a gravitas that too often is lacking. I just started playing Metroid Prime and it is pretty amazing. For me it balances that line of challenging and playable. Like most games as the story continues, the gameplay becomes more difficult. Unlike games like Zelda, however, it is accessible from the beginning. When I started playing Zelda I was referring constantly to the online walkthroughs just to move the game along. It just isn’t fun to constantly need assistance when all I really want to do is shoot things. Metroid Prime does exactly that, I start shooting almost the minute the game starts. I haven’t gotten too far into the game as of yet, but the article about its impact and sustainability make me even more excited to keep moving on.

Now, for a bit of crow. I have been resisitng Twitter, claiming my thoughts can’t be reduced to 140 characters. Turns out they can. Not only that, it is a great cross between entertainment, information and self-expression. The entertainment comes from a number of posters, but the true impetus of joining twitter was OldHossRadbourn. The author is a friend of mine and it was apparent that he really enjoys tweeting and much of it is quite funny. Twitter is also informative (some times too much) in that a lot of news outlets and magazines tweet linking to breaking news and articles of interest, pretty cool stuff. Finally it is great for self-expression, especially when what I want to say is short, or can be boiled down to a sentence. Nothing like precision in writing.


2 thoughts on “Comments and Crow”

  1. Wow. You’re a trendsetter, sir. Did you see that Poz name-dropped Old Hoss in his recent column, which is also up at SI?

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