Too Much to Write About, Not Enough Time…

Yeah, I’ve been busy, which is good, but the blog has suffered, which is bad. Of course, the “Lazy” in the title is giving me grace, so smart move on my part. In rapid succession I want to write about losing serenity in the blink of an eye (or the strain of a muscle as the case may be), two fabulous Phish shows (listening to Boogie On Reggae Woman right now), the surging White Sox (oh yeah!), and my son’s growing fascination with all things baseball (so wonderful, I almost cry just thinking about it.) On top of all of that, I still want to get back to my considerations of Phish songs. I’m definitely in a Phish mood these days, no question. It will all have to wait though, I’m crazy busy at work, in an “I have to look busy” kind of way. Even so the work needs to get done. So, for the dozen or so of you who check in, I’ll be at it soon, just not soon enough for my liking.


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