The Perks of Being a Dad

Saturday was Father Daughter Day at the Sox game and I got to take my daughter, Lucy, to her first ever baseball game. It was, quite simply, fantastic. One of the coolest things, at least for me but probably lost on Goose right now, was that we got to walk on the field before the game. It never seems that large on TV, but man, walking all the way around with 40 extra pounds on your shoulders gets a little tiring. Standing behing home plate is pretty awesome too. It makes Jim Thome all that much more impressive. To top it all off, we were on the big screen for about 30 seconds, a first for me, and yes I acted like a complete idiot, “Lucy LOOK we’re on the screen!” Lucy: “Where?” Oh, well.

After a hot dog, ball park must especially for a first timer, we went to our seats. Lucy proceeded to cover her ears while we sat. I asked if she was cold and she said no. “So why are you covering your ears?” I asked. Turns out her brother told her about the fireworks and she was just getting ready. I couldn’t convince her that I knew when the fireworks were coming. After the game opening round, she must have asked 30 times when there would be more. Thank God the Sox hit a homerun. After a satisfying snack of cotton candy and licorice, we moved around the stadium a bit, but she mostly wanted to sit and watch the game, and of course more fireworks. After six innings, Goose was done which I think is pretty good for a three year old. By the time we got to the car, Bobby Jenks was closing it out and a perfect first game was complete. What else was left except a good post-game nap?


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