How to be an Ass!

Two stories over the weekend, two genuine assholes. First, there is this tool who felt that the best way to discuss the passing of Waymon Tisdale was by detailing an indiscresion of Tisdale’s youth. Really? A guy dies at 44 and all you can muster is a bitter story about a kid who had the “audacity” to cut down the nets on Kansas’ home court? Ass #1.

The second ass is this guy who may have a point that the Florida Marlins treated him badly (I’d post the link to his explanation, but trust me, the destination is not worth the journey.) but seriously, calling yourself “The Happy Youngster” without a hint of irony is just plain cheesy. Dude, you are not a minor, by taking your glove to games you deserve to be ridiculed mercilessly. What’s worse, you act like asking for a payment for a homerun ball isn’t a douche move. Yes, it is. My guess is you’re older than the guy who hit the home run, give him the ball you tool. Stop whining that you didn’t get what you wanted and how crappy you got treated. You are a grown man, stop wearing your glove to games and find a different hobby. Ass #2.


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