The State of the Field

I really wanted to go on a righteous scree like Herzog’s Dog did about the ineptness of the American Historical Association did here, or here. But the simple fact that the latest edition of Perspectives has more pages devoted to obituaries than to job postings kind of tells you all you need to know about the state of History in academia these days.

One thought on “The State of the Field”

  1. I think my favorite “job” ad was by Northwestern: “. . . announces the continuation of its program of unsalaried department associates holding the title of visiting scholar. All persons [requirements removed] . . . may apply for a limited number of spaces. . . Appointments are for one year, with reappointment for up to five years, if numbers and funding allow.”

    The rest of the ad indicates that 1) you don’t get any secretarial support and 2) you do get borrowing privileges at the library.

    So . . . if funding allows, Northwestern will be happy to offer you 1) an empty title and 2) a library card. I have a Northwestern library card, so I assume the “funding” is about $20. Can you believe there’s competition for this thing?

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