The Bug

I’ve got the exercise bug again. I don’t get it that often, really. I try and stay active, ever since I had a bit of a scare a few years back. The scare turned out to be nothing, but I did get to experience an echo cardiogram, and stress test as a result. This is different though, this is wanting to get out and exercise everyday, this is feeling good during and after working out and enjoying that sore feeling that seems to be constant. I’m actually considering running a race some time this year and I definitely want to ride my bike to Wisconsin this year. The last time I felt this good about physical exercise was when I belonged to Crunch Fitness, years ago. Before that it was when I was riding my bike almost everyday while getting my masters at Michigan State (go Spartans!) I guess I’m still a little gun shy about getting out everyday. I think I’m too old for that sort of thing. Like any bug though, it just keeps pestering me. This week will be the test; if I feel good, wanting to hit the gym, I’m going to go with it. If the soreness moves to pain, then I’ve made a bad decision. If I survive, then maybe I’ll be racing come summer time.

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