Going it Alone

The wife is off on business this weekend and tomorrow the kids are off to the playland that is Ohio which leaves me alone for the weekend. The big plan is to work on the dissertation as much as humanly possible but the smaller plan is to attend Watchmen Saturday evening. Which is why I’m writing this post. My wife and her BFF at work do not understand how I can go to a movie by myself. They simply don’t get it, like I’m embarking on some exercise that only alien cultures do. Frankly, I love going to movies (and baseball games, and concerts, especially Phish concerts) by myself. I’m not misanthropic by any means and it’s not some inate snobishness (well not that much anyway) nor do I share the feelings of the old quip “I spend so much time by myself to ensure good company.” I just enjoy experiencing things on my own from time to time. I sit where I like (third row, center) if someone is bugging me I change seats, and I sit through the credits. Maybe I like it so much because now it is such a rare occassion that I can go to a movie alone that it feels like a stolen moment, kind of like playing hookey from work to watch a baseball game on tv. Or maybe it is that feeling of being in my own little world for a little while that makes it so relaxing. Or maybe, as my wife, her friends, and many of my friends say, I’m just a freak.


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