Baseball is back, almost…

Glorious days have returned. Baseball is once again available for viewing on television. Yes, yes I know the MLB network shows games from days gone by, but it is not nearly as exciting as seeing the beginnings of the new season take shape in faraway lands. I got to watch some the White Sox versus the Dodgers yesterday in one of my favorite methods of taking in a game. I was sitting on my couch, TV sound off, music on, reading a book. The best way to watch a game is lying on the couch, a cool breeze blowing in, and consciousness going out. Yesterday was a working day between reading and cleaning and child rearing (two kids, both had stomach flu over the week. Four exits, no waiting!) and when I have the baseball game on, it’s like I have an old friend in the house. While spring training is a poor substitute for a real game, it is a reminder that summer is not that far off. Of course some of that familiarity is missing in the spring. I have no idea who half the players are and to be completely honest, I don’t really care.

Another glorious baseball related item has returned that bears mentioning now, baseball cards. I still love baseball cards, though it has only been since my son was born that I started picking them up again. I just remember how much I loved collecting cards as a kid and one day at Target I saw the packs and decided what an easy way to share my love of baseball. He loves to look at my 1978 set that I collected by buying pack after pack after pack, which really is the only way to complete the whole set. A few years later, 1986 to be exact, I bought the whole set in one fell swoop and it was anti-climatic. I felt very much like I cheated somehow. Soon after that I didn’t really keep up with the cards, only buying a pack of Topps each year to see the new design. Now with so many cards to choose from I can’t possibly collect them all so I’ve used the Susan Sarandon Method* of card collecting. I buy a pack from each company and decide which one I like the best. This year’s model is from Upper Deck and it is there Documentary Series. The gimmick is that they have produced a card for every game of the 2008 schedule, 1-162 for every team. It really is a cool concept, kind of like having a score card from every game that was played that year. I haven’t seen if they produced cards for the post-season but it would seem odd if they didn’t. My son isn’t that into my choice and instead has gone with Marvel Comics Masterpieces. Not exactly baseball, but how can I say no to comic book cards?

*So named for her character’s method of choosing a boyfriend each new baseball season in “Bull Durham.”


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