sure to be a bestseller some day.

Quoted from “Manhood and American Political Culture” page ix-x: “Manhood and American Political Culture is essentially an historical synthesis. It pursues several interelated themes – masculinity, sexuality, and the self- as they appeared in a variety of political discourses. I was struck by the extraordinary connections between seemingly disconnected cultural currents and politcial events, and I wanted to write about them without constraint and FOR A BROAD AUDIENCE.” First, nothing screams broad appeal like manhood in the cold war. Next, the shaping of political identities, riveting, pure magic. Finally the sale price, on Amazon no less, of $125.00 is a steal if ever I saw one. I am shocked this ranks 1,633,671 on Amazon’s sales list. Is it any wonder this book literally creaked when I opened it up for the first time?


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