Trying not to encourage bad behavior

One of the simple pleasures of walking to school each day with my children is the absolute ecstasy they achieve when we catch the bus. Seriously, a bus ride that literally takes us around the corner has them skipping and dancing during the walk from bus stop to school. It is easily the best $2.25 I spend in any given day. Every morning as we leave the apartment they ask if we can catch the bus and I tell them we can try. In typical fashion, they were eager to catch the bus on Monday, but pantomiming Peter Pan was just too much of a temptation and the sword fighting slowed our progress to the point where the bus passed and I announced that we had to walk. From behind me I hear, “Awww, Damn it!” With the exception of a few really “cool” parents, this is probably not appropriate language for a five year old boy. And yet… It was so pitch perfect that it was really hard to reprimand him. Not only did he use it correctly, but his tone and inflection were just fantastic, quite frankly it could have been from a South Park episode. While I gave it my best shot to tell him not to use language like that, secretly I was proud that my son’s language skills and vocabulary were maturing quite nicely.

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