Shades of Gray

I need to thank Bob Costas for giving me the name for this blog.  Bob derided the internet for being devoid of shades of gray, that everything is black and white.  I think the black and white problem goes well beyond the internet, but Bob has a point.  The truth is, I like gray.  I like to ponder.  I’m deliberate which my dad defines as slow, but that is a matter opinion.  So I’ll take my time and tell you what I think.  This may not be the most up to date blog ever, but it won’t be reactionary.  One more thing:  The one thing that seemed to offend the sensibilities of Bob and the rest of the media for that matter was the bawdiness of internet.  Again, I don’t think this is limited to blogs and the internet, but it is a valid point.  Therefore, I promise no dick jokes.  Leave that to Deadspin and Fire Joe Morgan.


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